Drum Bar Wear Strip

Wear item.
Sits vertically between the drum and the conveyor belt.
If this item wears there will be damage done to the drum and friction will be added to the system and there will be belt tension issues and the machine will not operate efficiently causing x-mas treeing of the spiral which may lead to other long term system issues such as damage to the belt rails etc.
We recommend keeping at least 10 Drum Bar Wear Strips in stores (more if it’s a large machine).

Product Description

Drum Bar Wear Strip

This is a plastic wear item designed to maintain the correct friction between the drum and spiral conveyor belt, installed vertically between the drum and the spiral conveyor belt, aiding the spiral conveyor belt to smoothly move your products around the spiral system and ensuring stainless steel Spiral Conveyor Belts don’t wear, get damaged or cause damage to the drum. The drum bar wear strips wear over the course of a year, depending on how well the machine is maintained, the belt load, over drive settings and several other factors. Excessive wear of drum bar wear strips will introduce more friction to the spiral system which may cause the belt to snap or “X-mas tree”. This is a vital part of the machine and it’s imperative to keep at least 10 lengths (more for larger spirals) of drum bar wear strips in stores in case of a breakdown, its a long lead time item meaning any breakdown will cause production quotas not to be met for the entire duration of manufacture and delivery of the part.

Drum bar wear strips are manufactured with bespoke profiles and lengths to suit each machine and drum. We recommend that a minimum of 10 lengths of drum bar wear strips are kept in store as it’s a low cost item that can have major negative impacts and can cause long term and costly damage to the spiral system and your production.

With extensive knowledge in the industry and knowing Eurotek Spiral Freezers, Chillers and Coolers  better than anyone else you can trust Korutek to provide you with a like for like OEM replacement part with manufacturers warranty for added assurance. Just provide us with the Eurotek machine’s serial number and let us do the rest!

Our strong supplier relationships mean that we can get these parts to you at a competitive price with a shorter lead time comparatively.

Our safe contractor accredited installation and commissioning engineers ensure that the parts are installed with safety in mind in accordance to safety protocols, minimising risks and, by utilising their experience, minimise the time needed and disruptions on site as well as reducing the possibility of the issue reoccurring.

We can supply parts for Eurotek Spirals as well as providing replacement parts for IQF Inline Freezers and other brand spirals.

Why choose Korutek for your machine critical spare parts:

Like for like replacement (OEM Parts)
Safe installation
Minimal disruption
Credibility of supplier
Trust & Knowledge
Increase machine life
Reduce risks of fault reoccurring
Hands off

Quality & consistency of your end consumer product

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Do you provide international delivery?

Yes, we deliver nationally or internationally.

Do you provide installation?

Yes, we install the parts nationally or internationally.

What if I don’t know which part is needed?

We offer a full machine inspection which will find the cause, recommend solutions and identify any other potential critical issues early on so any unplanned downtime and breakdowns are avoided.

I have a Eurotek Spiral, do I need to measure the parts and provide you with any technical info?

For Eurotek machines, you will only have to provide us with the machine serial number for us to be able identify the technical specifications of the required part/s.

Do the parts come with any warranty?

The majority of our parts come with 1 years manufacturer’s warranty. We can discuss extended warranties if wanted.

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