International Spiral Freezer Build

In 2020 Korutek led a global freezer modification and custom build – while facing the unique challenges posed by both Brexit and the pandemic.


A project with stakeholders based around the world.


A client requiring a custom solution to a unique problem.


A successful project, leading to fruitful partnership.

Calling on the industry leaders

In June 2020 an internationally renowned baking company contacted Korutek Engineering, looking to overcome a problem requiring the highest level of expertise in new spiral freezer design and modification.

Korutek are global leaders in this field and were considered the best choice of partner for a project requiring detailed, specialist knowledge and experience.

Korutek knew our existing machine inside out, and we felt confident in them to find the right solution for our production requirements”

Director of Engineering, Baking Company Client

Spiral Freezer with Bread
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Overcoming unique obstacles

Leading a global freezer engineering project is already a complex task.

Facing the obstacles presented by 2020 meant Korutek had to call not only on its unparalleled experience and expertise, but also the willingness to go the extra mile to get things done.

Finding the best solutions

The problem Korutek had to solve was twofold.

Firstly, an existing machine required modification in order to be used for a different product.

Secondly, the client needed to address future production requirements, which the modified machine would not be able to handle alone.

Find out how Korutek solved these problems and download the full case study using the button below.

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