Korutek Engineers worked with Orkla to provide a bespoke solution that quickly solved a specific production issue—and created a lasting partnership.


Korutek work with Orkla on a number of projects as a trusted supplier.


Korutek were quickly able to source and install an essential OEM part to restart production.


Long term peace of mind—not just a quick fix.

New products, new challenges

Norwegian branded consumer goods conglomerate Orkla introduced a new square-shaped pizza to its range of frozen foods.

Unfortunately, the new product’s flour consistency caused jamming and friction in their industrial freezer, which resulted in the belt snapping. They decided to replace the belt using a non-OEM supplier, but it only lasted two years.

With limited aftercare provided by this supplier, they decided to turn to Korutek Engineering.

“I’m very satisfied with the help I received from Korutek. Thanks to their recommendations, we have been able to get back on track”

Stein Arne Vadstein, Bakery Production Manager, Orkla Foods

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More than a quick fix

Korutek quickly provided an OEM belt to get Orkla’s production line up and running again.

Meanwhile, we also changed the settings to accommodate the company’s full product range, made further recommendations and offered a long warranty.

There is an agreement in place which currently sees Korutek engineers travel to Orkla’s plant once a year to service the machine and resolve any issues before they lead to further production outages. We also resolved surging issues that were impacting the quality of the finished product by installing a water spray bar.

Above and beyond

We go above and beyond for our customers. While the original problem was not caused by a fault in the machine, but by the features of a new product, we know how costly disruption to your production line can be.

Sourcing a non-OEM part from an alternate supplier might seem appealing, but the replacement belt was not fit for purpose and the provider offered no aftercare to prolong the life of their product or resolve the disruption it caused. Orkla were essentially left out to dry.

Korutek Engineering were able to not only quickly source OEM parts for Orkla’s machine, but provide crucial aftercare that supports the steady and predictable performance of the machine over the long-term.

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