Spare parts for spiral cooling systems

Time is of the essence when seeking spare parts, as gaps in production pose a risk to our customers meeting their production targets. To mitigate gaps in production, we carry a comprehensive range of OEM spare parts. When the required spare parts are not readily available in our stock, we excel in swiftly sourcing and expediting them through our well-established network, going above and beyond the industry norm.

Spare Parts

Your business relies on your spiral cooling system to ensure perishables stay at a safe temperature. But, like all machinery, these complex appliances can go wrong.

When the worst happens, it can have detrimental effects on business, including wasted perishables, employee downtime and reduced productivity. All of this can be very costly for businesses, which is why any spiral freezer failures occur, you need someone on hand to put them right as quickly as possible.

Although many spiral system issues may be easily fixable with minimal equipment, some will require replacement parts. At Korutek, we have a long-standing relationship with UK-manufactures and supply chains who deal with spiral freezer supplies to ensure your production line is never on ice for too long.

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Critical Spare Parts

Consider keeping stock of these critical spare parts with long lead times, that your machine can’t operate without.

Spare Parts Provided By Korutek Engineering


Evaporator fan assembly

Evaporator fan motor

Air balance fan

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Spiral Belt Path

Spiral Belt

Take Up Drive Sprockets

Belt Support Wear Strip

Flange bearing

Pillow block bearing

Double take-up bearing

Flanged Roller

Plain Roller

Drum bar plastic

Hold Down Plastic for delegating system

Belt guide

Belt swing guide

Drag return wearstrip Plastic

White Food Safe Rubber

Discharge Scraper

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Enclosure doors

Enclosure panels

Door Rubber Stops

Blind Sealed Rivets

Flashings / Capping Angles

Nylon Bolt

Nylon Nut

Nylon Washer

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Heater Mat Temperature Probe

Drain Outlet Flap

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Mezzanine Floor

Belt Cover Seal

Wall Seal

Access Hatch Latch

Access Hatch Door Stop

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Cleaning System Components

Detergent VK3

Belt Washer Components

Air knife High Velocity Fan

High Pressure Pump

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Oil Expansion Tank Sensors

Door Sensor

Take Up Proximity Sensor

Product Height Sensor

Silicone Grease

Safety Handle Assembly

Beacon / Siren

Light Fitting

Emergency Pull Cord System

Emergency Stop

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Ambient Oil

Heater Cables


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Top Drum Bearing

Bottom Drum Bearing

Low Temp Grease

M8 Antiluce fixing

Adjustable Feet

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With you every step of the way

Our dedicated team of engineering experts know a variety of freezer models inside and out, providing exceptional repairs services to our customers.

A quick on-site inspection of your freezer can give our engineers everything they need to diagnose and fix the issue at hand in a cost and time-effective way, so you can get back to normal proceedings as soon as possible.

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If you have an existing freezer system that requires servicing or maintenance from technical specialists or you require a completely custom machine made to fit your space, contact Korutek Engineering today.

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