Wilsons Sausages

For regular inspections and proactive maintenance work, D&E Wilson put their trust in the know-how and capability of the Korutek engineering team.


Conducting regular on-site inspections at Wilson Sausages improves production reliability and minimises risk of downtime.


Early identification of potential machinery issues, enables a proactive approach to a fully efficient production capability.


Korutek have the expertise to identify and find the right solutions, enabling continuous and uninterrupted production.

Inspection and Proactive Maintenance

D&E Wilson & Son are a leading British manufacturer of premium sausages based in the northwest of England. Wilsons have developed a reputation for providing top-quality fresh and frozen products for a range of customers in the catering and hospitality industry.

Korutek works with Wilsons with a rolling remit to inspect their engineering and machinery capability and provide the maintenance solutions to ensure continuous production, maximum efficiency and ultimately a longer machine life.

Every inspection is written up in a detailed condition inspection report, highlighting key problems to resolve immediately and making recommendations for proactive works to eliminate potential future issues.

“Customers highly value our service inspection and maintenance contracts. We visit regularly, carry out expert inspections and issue a full condition report for maintenance. The proactive nature of our work gives peace of mind that production retains its reliability, which is in our opinion the heartbeat of any business and brand”

Gerard Bird, Engineering Director, Korutek Engineering Limited

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“The jobs were carried out to a good standard, with no issues arising thereafter. The engineers arrived on time, worked effiently and kept  all areas clean and tidy!”

Neil Wilson, Wilsons Sausages.

Inspection Report

When the Korutek engineers arrived on site, they knew that they needed to replace the dragged return plastic and high level betalon strip, refit door frames, install the gearbox lock-off mechanism and carry out a full machine inspection.

However, the detailed condition report highlighted a number of other issues for remedial work in particular relating to the conveyor belt.

Some minor works were carried out as part of the inspection, with some planned works scheduled for a later visit (all as part of a maintenance contract).

“The maintenance contract is a good idea because we get 2 visits a year from knowledgable engineers who will spot potential issues before they arise, helping to keep the machine in running order.”

Conveyor Solutions

Sections of the belt that were in poor condition due to wear and tear, were replaced.

Belt speed changes had caused further issues and exacerbated the wear and tear of the belt. Korutek engineers put in place a speed dial to enable the customer to run the conveyor belt at an optimal speed, which reduced the ability for operatives to alter the speed which could cause issues impacting production.

Korutek also installed a new belt which meant the correct belt length could be maintained after the repairs, crucial to ensure maximum efficiency.

A number of other areas too were proactively improved, including the works to the emergency stop covers and fan motor cover fittings (and lots more!), all works conducted by Korutek engineers to support first class production operations at D&E Wilson.

“Completing the work quickly was very important to us as productivity is vital due to the fact we carry small stocks, meaning that downtime needs to be kept at a minimum.”

Neil Wilson, Wilsons Sausages.

As a reminder, our detailed inspection includes:


A 29-point check on your conveyor system


An 18-point electrical check


A 13-point check on the enclosure


A 7-point check on the belt washer and defrost system


Additional checks on air loss, overdrive and belt hold downs

Proactive inspections and maintenance contracts

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