Heck Food

With an older model Frigoscandia spiral freezer no longer operational, Heck Food turned to Korutek for help.


Heck Food relied on Korutek to repair a spiral freezer that was out of circulation.


For Heck Food, it was vital the machine was up and running asap – and Korutek delivered.


Korutek swiftly repaired the spiral freezer and worked with Heck Food on improving the machine’s longevity and efficiency.

Specialist repair services

Heck Food is a family-run business operating out of a farm in North Yorkshire. They specialise in producing sausages, burgers and food that brings you “flavour you can swear by” – which they distribute to their customers through supermarkets, retail stores or via mail order.

Unfortunately, they risked facing major production issues when their on-site Frigoscandia self-stacking spiral freezer stopped working.

Considering this was an older model which required specialist repair services, Heck Food sought help from Korutek.

“Korutek have worked very well with us throughout the project – and have clearly communicated any additional work required. They are happy to go the extra mile to finish the job on time.”

Oliver Ramsay, Engineering Manager at Heck Food

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Thorough inspections, quality recommendations

Korutek met with Heck Food engineers and conducted an on-site inspection of the Frigoscandia self-stacking spiral freezer.

We prepared a detailed report which listed alterations made to the machine since the time of its purchase, the issues it faced, and the spare parts and work it needed to operate at optimal level.

Furthermore, we provided personalised recommendations on how to both improve the longevity of the spiral freezer and protect the quality of their products. For example, we suggested replacing the upper belt guides as they were worn and there was a risk that, in time, the plastic scrapings from the guides on top of the drum sheeting could get into the product.

Overhauling and refining

We know how costly unnecessary delays and downtime can be in the food industry. Which is why, once we received approval from Heck Food, we overhauled the machine as swiftly as possible.

We used replacement OEM parts and completed general repairs to have the spiral freezer running efficiently and achieving the throughput and temperature reduction required of their product. Their spiral freezer now produces between 8 to 10 tons of product daily.

With Korutek, you get specialist repair services which improve the long-term performance of your spiral freezer – no matter its brand.

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