Spiral system repairs

Korutek Engineering are the global expert engineers when it comes to spiral cooling and freezing systems. We work on repair projects with clients all over the world.

Spare parts, on demand

Spiral freezer failures and inefficiencies cause costly downtime. Not only are dysfunctional spiral freezers a frustrating problem, they are detrimental to performance and productivity.

Reduce the downtime caused by broken machinery with promptly sourced and installed OEM spiral freezer parts, as well as expert engineering consultancy.

Our team are on hand to supply and fit spare freezer system parts, as well assess your machinery and advise on the production critical spares to keep onsite.

Proactive service and maintenance

Spiral freezers, like any complex machinery, can’t run like clockwork forever. But you can ensure you’re getting maximum efficiency from your freezer with timely services and maintenance.

Our team of spiral freezer experts provide a proactive thorough inspection of your machine to reduce the risk of major faults which can lead to down time, health and safety issues and loss of perishables.

Unbeatable expertise

Complex machines require expert engineers.

With several decades of experience working on industrial spiral freezers for a number of clients and across all kinds of projects and a valuable team of engineers who’ve helped build them, the team behind Korutek is well placed to keep you up and running with reliable spiral system repairs.

System repair enquiries

If you have a spiral system with a fault that needs fixing quickly and efficiently, contact Korutek Engineering today.

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