When a reliable team of suppliers and engineers were needed, Integral UK came straight to Korutek Engineering.


Integral were able to get exactly what they needed from Korutek, at the right time.


Integral relies on quality services to maintain its high production standards.


Korutek provided the right parts, in a time frame competitors could not match.

No time to waste

Integral UK has always provided first-rate mechanical & engineering (M&E) and facilities management services to food factories across the country, but they had been running into trouble when it came to sourcing spare parts for spiral chillers.

Alternate suppliers were asking them to wait three weeks for spare parts delivery, which in the fast-paced food industry, simply isn’t an option. Stuck between potentially losing their customer or using a substandard non-OEM part, they came straight to Korutek.

“The Korutek team have been excellent. Any enquiry I’ve put to them, they manage to pull it out of the bag somehow. I’ve always got an excellent service on the deliveries, the shipping, everything… I can’t fault them in any way.”

Donna Cocks, Industrial Refrigeration Administration Supervisor at Integral

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The right part, the right time

By working directly with Korutek, Integral UK could stop relying on drawings or measurements when sourcing spare parts.

Instead, they are able to get exactly what they need by providing us with the specific serial numbers of the machines in question, with a consistently timely turnaround.

Maintaining standards

For a company like Integral, the service they are able to provide is a reflection of the service they receive from their supplier. The customer is putting their faith in them to repair and maintain the machine to a high standard.

If they were to use sub-standard parts because of a delivery issue and the machine breaks down in three months’ time, the responsibility is on their shoulders. That’s why it’s important to work with a company like Korutek, who can provide OEM parts that support the freezer’s long-term performance as quickly as possible.

Trusted by consulting engineers

Korutek build relationships with consulting engineers, helping global clients with new system builds and optimised configuration. Consultants turn to us due to our experience, reputation, and level of service.

Get in touch

If you have an existing freezer system that requires servicing or maintenance from technical specialists or you require a completely custom spiral freezer made to fit your space, contact Korutek Engineering today.