Korutek maintain a close relationship with Foodtech in Norway, providing expert maintenance, servicing and equipment supply.


Korutek were able to provide an exact part in a time frame competitors could not match.


Korutek work closely with Foodtech on a number of complex projects.


Ultimately, Korutek help Foodtech to meet targets and maintain exceptional production standards.

Fast-tracked production recovery

Korutek maintains an extensive network of dealers and distributors that help our spiral freezers reach food industry customers in several markets.

In Norway, we work with Foodtech Industry, a leading supplier of production equipment, maintenance and services. Their customer Kjelstad Bakeri Norway suffered an urgent breakdown on a machine that was 15-20 years old due to a hole in the evaporator. Foodtech promptly got in touch with the Korutek team to procure an OEM part.

“The Korutek team have been very helpful and demonstrated an immediate understanding of the problem. They were very responsive, even on Friday evening we had some phone calls. The customer was very happy with the outcome.”

Jan Henrik Ottem, Technical Manager at Foodtech Norway.

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The problem

The standard industry lead time for a replacement evaporator is 12 weeks. Obviously, Kjelstad Bakeri could not afford for their spiral freezer to be out of action for this length of time.

Korutek were able to offer an exact replacement of the original part within just three weeks, despite only having been provided with the machine serial number and while navigating disruption with the logistics provider.

The solution

Foodtech’s experience in sourcing a replacement evaporator for their customer is testament to the importance of a dialogue between Korutek and its distributors.

By leveraging our technical expertise to identify the correct part with minimal information from the customer and communicating throughout the delivery process, we were able to overcome several hurdles that could have been significant roadblocks in different circumstances.

As such, we were able to minimise the risk, hassle and production losses for Kjelstad Bakeri Norway that would’ve occurred in the event of an extended machine outage.

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