Rahim Ali, our Managing Director, recently hosted a presentation with the Local Food Innovation Cluster.

We were focusing on ‘Efficient Food Manufacturing For A Chaotic World’ to understand how continuous production in food manufacturing can help reduce waste, lower labour requirements, and lower costs.

It was a great opportunity to discuss the issues and the positive solutions that we can offer to help mitigate the issues we’re seeing in the industry using automated freezing technology.

Current global issues, inflation, labour shortages, and increasing energy prices have impacted us all, but how can we navigate these tricky waters safely?

You can watch the VIDEO in full below where we outline the issues in the food manufacturing industry and focus on the positive changes that we can help you make to minimise those issues….


If you’ve got any questions about the presentation, what we do at Korutek, how we can help you, or what solutions we offer, get in touch with us at info@korutek.com or give us a call on 01603 672 455.

Speak soon, Rahim