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Feb 9, 2024 | Service Maintenance Agreement

In 2023, Korutek Engineering introduced its Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA), designed to provide comprehensive support for maintaining industrial freezers, chillers, and ambient coolers. Tailored to meet the distinct requirements of our customers, our SMA ensures a seamless path for them to attain their objectives.

At the heart of our commitment, we understand our customers’ dedication to delivering products to their consumers’ expectations. We are committed to ensuring our customers’ operations run at full capacity. Our SMA was built to alleviate our customers’ pain points, for example:

Incorrect product temperature at discharge.

  • Is your system struggling to achieve or maintain the correct temperature?
  • If so, what percentage of the product is damaged or turned into waste?
  • How does that interfere with your ability to dispatch your product quickly?
    What negative impact does this have on your production costs per unit?

Defrosting is limiting your production.

  • Is your system falling short of its potential?
  • Do you wish that you could run longer between defrosting?
  • Every time you defrost to remove the build-up of ‘snowing’ or ‘icing’ on your coil, is it another lost opportunity for your business?
  • How does the management team plan to integrate additional resources into their budget to address increased shifts and downtime during defrosting?

Belt stopping unexpectedly or becoming blocked.

  • Has your system experienced a recent belt stoppage, placing strain on other components and posing a risk of further damage and downtime?
  • If so, what was the response time for an engineer to be on-site?
  • During the on-site visit, was the engineer able to identify the issues?
  • Did they readily have spare parts to expedite the repair and minimise downtime
  • Does your management team have contingencies in the budget to cover any downtime, loss in production, and associated costs?


Is your current maintenance programme alleviating your pain points?

Contact us directly for more information about our SMA and to schedule your inspection today. Let Korutek Engineering be your trusted partner in ensuring reliability and longevity for your valuable assets!

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